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December 19, 2008


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Many people know somebody who suffers with Colitis or Crohns disease.    Living with this disease can be very difficult when it is ‘active’  and leaves the sufferers struggling to cope with every day life. I am one of these people and like many others, i suffer in silence due to the nature of the illness.

There has been a petition set up to ask the government to make a few small changes in order to make life just that little bit more livable.

If you are a UK resident please visit the site and sign the petition, it will only take a couple of minutes of your time.

Please, do something good today.


Have a lovely Christmas 🙂


December 7, 2008

Calling all Spanners

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I have been having a very interesting afternoon looking up all the spanners on Facebook (it’s my surname). I have found quite a few so far and even some very unfortunate Spanners (huh like the name isn’t bad enough) I found some Anna Spanners, some Hannah Spanners and even some Dick Spanners. As it is such an unusual name i have spent years trying to find it’s origin, but sadly have had no luck. I found one story that sounded pretty cool though. A french aristocratic family by the name of Rennaps came to England during the french civil war and changed their name to Spanner. It sounds like a cool idea, but it seems a bit far fetched considering the Spanners i found in Jamaica and Nigeria today. Has anybody out there heard of the name Spanner or even has an idea as to it’s origins?????


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Everybody has cravings, usually for nice food or drink. They sneak up on you and drive you completely nuts until you finally go to the kitchen or out to the shop and get what you need, to feed that annoying unbearable craving.

Usually i have a craving for cherry coke, i love the stuff. But that wasn’t what woke me in the early hours of the morning. I woke up with a very powerful craving for a cuddle. How stupid is that? So there i was, sat there thinking about why i should feel this way. I wouldn’t really say i was lonely, i have family around me and my overly affectionate pets. I haven’t separated from anyone recently, so it’s not a case of missing something i once had.

So i settled on this, our brains are very complex, but they do get their signals crossed.  Like when you think you may be hungry and then have a drink and the hunger is gone. You werent hungry at all, but the brain got confussed and sent the hungry signal instead of the thirsty signal.

So i went down to the kitchen and made a nice big milky hot chocolate. I figured that would settle several cravings in one fell swoop. I drank that and got back into bed, grabbed a pillow to hug for good measure and went straight back to a very deep sleep.

I dont know what woke me with such an irrational need, but at least i know that a yummy hot chocolate can cure all………….:-)

I know this is a lame subject,  i just cant seem to find anything to write about at the moment.

Wow is that Bloggers block?

November 25, 2008

Why, why me?

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OK i am sure you may have noticed that i have been pretty quiet lately. That’s because my bloody PC fell to pieces. I was watching a film on Friday when my PC froze and crashed. I tried to turn it back on and it said it had lost the NTLDR file. (the file that tells windows how to load) I tried to find my Windows XP disc and then remembered my brotherbroke it in a freak accident. I had to take my whole computer to a friends house to use his equipment in order to fix it, but one problem turned into another and for once, i had to ask for help. It turns out that my graphics card died and crashed my PC, which corrupted a while bunch of wndows files. The my power suply died and i had to get a new one. IS SOMEBODY TRYING TO TELL ME TO STAY OFFLINE??!! Well i have fixed it now and will be back in full swing when i get home on friday.

But why me? what did i do to deserve that? what a nightmare!

November 14, 2008

Jewel Kilcher

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I am dedicating a whole post to my favorite artist, Jewel Kilcher.

The reason i am doing this is because i never get to listen to her music in company of friends or chat to them about her, as they are all into Dance music and Rock music.  Jewel is a fantastic artist and i have not heard a song of hers yet, that did not touch me in some way. I have gotten so bored of chart music because all the songs sound the same, they all harp on about the same boring, over done things. I am not sure what genre Jewel belongs to though, i suppose her first albums could be seen as alternative, even a little country at times.

When i first heard her music i was in my boyfriends car (many earth years ago) and i must admit, at first pass i thought it all sounded a bit slow and depressing. Then her songs grew on me and i really started listening to the lyrics and the way she sang them. Some of the songs tell stories and some have comedy in them.

Most music i have to be in the right mood for, but Jewel is the one artist i can listen to no matter what mood i am in.

Does anybody else know her music? It would be nice to talk to somebody who knows what i mean.

November 13, 2008

I Just cant seem to sleep

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Don’t you hate it when you cant sleep?!

Well i am having one of those nights where the sleep bit just wont come.

I have been lying in bed for hours, just trying to get to sleep but not quite getting there. It’s these times that all sorts of weird old memories come back and I end up spending the night traipsing through the back of my mind where all the little  old memories are kept.  For a while it even seems like sleep, but then I will turn over and Bang! I’m wide awake again.  Analyzing things from my past over and over. Its like a torment, because I get up in the morning feeling so tired, it’s almost like I have been running an endless marathon in my own head all bloody night.  I have even got up and made myself a hot milky drink for crying out loud!

The worst thing is, nobody ever lets you get away with saying ‘I just couldn’t sleep’. NO, you have to have a real excuse, an actual illness, even a headache is more acceptable than ‘I just couldn’t sleep’. So tomorrow i will be tired and sleepy, but nobody will care that i feel like hell, because it’s got to be my fault right?!

That’s it, where’s the rubber mallet?

I’m gonna go hit myself over the head with it……………………….lol

November 9, 2008

Mini Story

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I was going through some old note pads when i came across a story i had started to write a few years back. I have never finished it as i had run out of ideas of what to write next. So here it is, my one and only mini story.

She stood alone, the cold moist air seeping through her skin and chilling her to the bone.
It was early morning and the sun had not yet risen, just like many nights before,she couldn’t sleep.
The nightmares had become so real, when she woke she could still feel the pain and smell the burning flesh.
But why was she so haunted? These dreams seemed like memories, yet she had never witnessed these events.

Sitting down on a cold wet tree stump, she tried to find an answer, surely she had seen something in a film or on a news report. The scene around her was so beautiful, a new dawn was coming, bringing with it promise of new life. But she could not take in the wonder of this spring morning, her mind was too full of vivid horrific images.

No, not even this could lift her spirits today and so glancing at her watch, she started her
3 mile walk back home.

Her family were still asleep, blissfully unaware of the torment she was going through. She made a cup of coffee and settled in an armchair.
After flicking the TV on and thumbing through the stations, she settled on the news channel.

There it was, her nightmare playing back to her on the television! “BREAKING NEWS – 150 Dead as plane crashes into busy terminal in Sydney Australia!”

How could she have known?

November 8, 2008


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Over the past week or so i have been watching the old TV series Roots. I had seen the programs when i was much younger and remembered how captivated i was by the story back then, so i borrowed a copy of the dvd when i saw it at my aunts house. It’s such a fantastic and often tragic story of an African man named Kunta Kinte who was captured by slavers and ripped from his home and loved ones. It is amazing to see the strong spirit that this man had and the wonderful strength that he passed on to his daughter Kizzy, and in turn that she passed on to her son George……..

The story was written by a man named Alex Haley who traced his family’s roots back to Afrika and the Mandinkan people.

I love these story’s of family and survival, because it makes me think that no matter what life throws at me, i can endure and survive it. Others have survived much worse………..

I wonder what the old African would have said if he could have looked forward in time and known that one day an African American would be president of the USA…. It makes me smile just to think of it.

Congratulations Barack Obama! Such a wonderful landmark in history has been made.

October 29, 2008


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I never get much chance to watch the news, but over the last few days i have heard little snippets and it’s driving me nuts!  The constent reports about Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand playing a naughty joke.

I have no doubt that it may have been annoying or rather upsetting for Mr. Sachs, but the over coverage of the story has made things worse. Its like a bloody witch hunt! The only reason they have had so many complaints is because people have heard the coverage on tv. They slam the two comedians for their nasty little joke and then play the damn thing over and over again on the news. If it was that bad, why should the news broadcasters be allowed to play it?

I hate that this seems to be the top news story, and then they go on to say, “elswere an earthquake in pakinstan has killed  over 140 people.” ! Talk about getting your priorities screwed up!Lets weigh up the importance here, a bad joke that effected one person and his granddaughter or a terrible natural disaster that has ended peoples lives!

In case you are not from the uk and have no idea of what i am talking about, here are the links to the two stories in question.



October 27, 2008

It just tickled me.

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I have recently moved out to the west country and whenever we see someone that looks a bit yokel backward, we hum the tune of Dueling Banjo’s from the film ‘Deliverance’.  It is quite the family joke and i even have a copy of the song on my mobile for those real ‘special’ moments where humming it just isn’t enough.

Today whilst walking through what is laughingly called the town square , my mum and i passed a group of rather backward hillbilly looking teenagers, i was about to hum the tune when they beat me to it! One of the lads was playing the tune on his mobile! It made me laugh so hard that i had to throw myself in the car before anybody noticed me.

Needless to say, i was laughing all the way home and am still chuckling about it now…….

Just to remind you of why it was so funny, please follow the link and watch…..

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